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Our Pharmacy: Price Rite Drug

Our friendly, professional staff make sure that we know our customers on a personal basis.
Kelli Goody, Technician for Price Rite Drug
Price Rite Drug is your local Bozeman pharmacy, specializing in advanced compounding services. Whatever your needs may be, you will be helped by a fast, friendly team of pharmacists.

A family-owned business since 1972, we care about the Bozeman community and have the pharmaceutical knowledge and experience to provide compounding solutions to suit all your pharmacy needs. Come in and visit us, or feel free to renew your prescriptions using our online form.
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Price Rite Medical Equipment

Willing to go out of his way to help the community.
Judy Montagnes, Customer
Price Rite Medical Equipment is the premier source in the Northwest for Medical Equipment and service. We cater to all medical needs, including power wheelchairs, oxygen, CPAP equipment, and home lifts.

Our professional Bozeman staff will help you throughout the entire process of finding the right medical equipment: billing assistance, custom equipment fittings, maintenance, and repair service.
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